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How to Make an App Like Uber: Cost, Features and Tech-Stack

The budget you set aside should only cover these development aspects. Any app like Uber should have this as its first and most important feature. The fact that taxi booking applications are solely reliant on GPS technology presents a problem for many business owners in the transportation industry. However, it hides the complex structure and method for determining the precise distance and route. Communication and notifications are basic features that should be considered to make an app like Uber. Despite the fact that communication in ridesharing apps goes without saying, it’s possible to make it even more convenient.

  • You will need plenty of customization space and you will have to provide your developers with the tools to code additional modules on their own.
  • You have to contact the telecommunication service provider to grant you such a possibility.
  • This cost includes pre-development expenses, technical infrastructure, design and development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance and updates.
  • To keep your customers informed or updated with your latest offers, discounts or budget ride packages, Uber uses two different tools for the push notifications.
  • Since Uber’s debut in 2009, on-demand ride-sharing apps have continuously increased.

With great app user interaction, effective marketing campaigns, and few reported errors, Uber has established a significant market share. Developing an Uber-like app seems a smart move for businesses and transportation companies alike. One of the main sources of revenue for Uber is the commission earned from drivers and riders. The commission rate tends to vary between 20-25% of the total ride cost. A Heat map can be a handy feature to have for drivers wanting to make the most of their time. The heat map can be used to view areas with the maximum ride requests.

Decide Mobile App Platform

The average ratings could affect the driver and passenger pairing algorithms, too. For example, a driver with a high rating would get rides faster and more often than a driver with a poor rating. Make sure that the process of registration and login is fast and straightforward for users. The best method is using the telephone number and allowing the automatic reading of the SMS with a verification code. That way, the user will only have to pass a few steps to start using your app, and you’ll minimize the time it takes them. Remember to verify user data on the basis of a valid document since, in some countries, users might find it important whether their driver is male or female due to cultural reasons.

make an app like uber

When you’re dreaming about launching an Uber-like app, one of the first things to pop into your mind is probably the price tag. The cost to build an app like Uber can range widely from $57,000 to $114,000 for just one or two platforms (like iOS or Android). Remember, that doesn’t include the admin panel, which starts at an extra $14,350. Uber’s app has continuously evolved by adding new features and improving existing ones to enhance the user experience for drivers and passengers. Whether you are a passenger looking for a convenient way to travel or a driver looking to earn, apps like Uber must-have features that cater to your needs. It’s a well-executed business model paired with sophisticated app technology.

Make a List of Features for Your Taxi Booking Solution

Because making a product that can globally create impact is not that easy. So, developing an app, which becomes a brand like the Uber app will empower you once you start planning for the long term. So as the market experts, we strongly recommend you to reach out to the taxi app development agency for the best results. Once your ride is booked, it shows you an estimated time of arrival with booking and driver details.

make an app like uber

The logic of Uber-like apps is to help you submit a trip request by automatically detecting location. Then the app matches your requests with the closest driver that accepts the request. The ridesharing market has witnessed a considerable surge in the last few years.

Complete Guide To Build An App Like Uber

For example, these vendors may have a better understanding of your target market, which can lead to a more tailored and effective product. They may also be more familiar with the latest technologies and trends in app development, which can help to ensure that your app stays ahead of the competition. This step requires you to define the user personas, user scenarios and flows, as well as prepare Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas. As was already mentioned, the cost to create an app like Uber depends on the number of complexity of Uber app features. It is the main expense pattern, as such applications rely heavily on the complex backend.

To learn more about the platform, you may also visit their website or look at the case study of this project in our portfolio. For instance, Uber and Lyft have begun with MVPs of their services and were gradually scaling up. As for the profiles, they may either contain a minimum of functionality (photo, name and car license number) or be sufficiently complete and feature-rich. The secret of this trendy car-hailing service is concealed, but let’s try to lift the veil a bit. Passionate engineer who loves talking about Machine learning and ways to improve Software development practices. Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to creating an affordable Uber-like app.

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